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Windows 8 preview

Windows 8

I’m testing the new Windows 8 Developer Preview. To download it go to:

I installed it yesterday and I’ve been playing with it for a couple of hours. Here are some of my impressions.

  • I’ve installed it over a Lenovo S10-3 with RAM of 2Gb, Intel Atom N455 Processor of 1.67 Ghz.
  • The installation time is very short, between 20-25 minutes to install the OS plus a few more minutes to set the configuration of the account.
  • Most of the default direct accesses in the Metro UI don’t work. Internet Explorer doesn’t open when I click on it.
  • Windows 8 is installed in a 30 Gb dedicated partition of my netbook.
  • It is installed in the partition labeled with the letter G:; however, this unit appears labeled with the letter C: when I’m inside windows 8, that implies that my other two partitions appear with a different unit letter.
  • Wireless, Bluetooth, brightness, volume, and the pad work perfectly. I only had to install the drivers for the Lenovo Energy Management and the mouse pad.
  • With only the desktop and the Metro UI running it uses approximately 625 Mb. of RAM
  • I’ve already downloaded Google Chrome which is my main web browser. It works normally  in Windows 8.
  • I DON’T like the new office 2007-style ribbon that has been added to the Windows Explorer.
  • I like the way the taskbar changes its color when the background wallpaper is changed.
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