I miss writing here

More than two months have passed since the last time I updated this blog. In the meantime, I finished all the A Song of Ice of Fire books, I bought a Wii and finished Zelda Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword (yes, I’m a big Zelda’s fan) and I received my ECCE certification. Given that, it’s time for me to put some effort in continue improving my English. My plan for the next posts:

    A review of the new Game of Thrones TV season
    A review of Zelda Skyward Sword

I hope to have them finished soon, but publishing my plans here will definitively help me to do it. I hate letting promises unfulfilled.



Returning to my blog

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here. A lot of things have been happening lately. Between my job, my English studies, my collaboration with Rock & Metal World, the saga A song of Ice and Fire, and Zelda Twilight Princess in the last few days, I’ve been to busy to write or to post interesting things. Mi main objective when I started this blog was to keep practicing my English grammar and writing, so If everything goes as planned, I will return to my hobby of writing at least an article per week, even if nobody reads them, it is a good exercise for me.
In other news 🙂 I passed my ECCE exam, so that is another motive to continue improving my English.
See you soon!

Rock & Metal Magazine N° 22

Here it is! The new number of the Rock & Metal World magazine.

I wanted to write a review for the new Nightwish Album: Imaginaerum, but the review written by Rocío Echávarri expresses my feelings toward the disc better that I could do it. That’s why I’m just putting here the link to the review:




Happy New Year 2012!

Happy new year 2012 ! I hope that this new year will bring you joy and happiness . I hope to take this blog more seriously this year to continue practicing my English, or maybe I will start a new project this year 😄


A storm of swords

I’m actually reading the third book of A song of ice and fire: A Storm of Swords. It keeps the level of entertainment and amusement of the two previous books.
This book is enormous. The edition I bought has more than a thousand pages, and I haven’t even reached the middle of the book yet. I can’t write about the events in the first half of the book without spoiling it but I can say that it keeps the story flowing and the surprises keep coming with every chapter.