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Windows 8 preview

Testing WordPress for iPhone

I want to update my blog more frequently so I’m trying this tool. It seems to be very practical for posting short articles and sharing videos or links.


Rock & Metal World Ed. 21

The new edition of the Rock & Metal World magazine is already available

Original source (in Spanish) :

Windows 8

I’m testing the new Windows 8 Developer Preview. To download it go to:

I installed it yesterday and I’ve been playing with it for a couple of hours. Here are some of my impressions.

  • I’ve installed it over a Lenovo S10-3 with RAM of 2Gb, Intel Atom N455 Processor of 1.67 Ghz.
  • The installation time is very short, between 20-25 minutes to install the OS plus a few more minutes to set the configuration of the account.
  • Most of the default direct accesses in the Metro UI don’t work. Internet Explorer doesn’t open when I click on it.
  • Windows 8 is installed in a 30 Gb dedicated partition of my netbook.
  • It is installed in the partition labeled with the letter G:; however, this unit appears labeled with the letter C: when I’m inside windows 8, that implies that my other two partitions appear with a different unit letter.
  • Wireless, Bluetooth, brightness, volume, and the pad work perfectly. I only had to install the drivers for the Lenovo Energy Management and the mouse pad.
  • With only the desktop and the Metro UI running it uses approximately 625 Mb. of RAM
  • I’ve already downloaded Google Chrome which is my main web browser. It works normally  in Windows 8.
  • I DON’T like the new office 2007-style ribbon that has been added to the Windows Explorer.
  • I like the way the taskbar changes its color when the background wallpaper is changed.
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My favorite tools for the web

There are some diverse tools I use in my daily contact with the Internet. As a frequent user of the web, I have tried lots of applications with different purposes and for different kind of tasks, varying from web browsers, applications for chatting or tweeting, or tools for storing data on the cloud. Some of these tools are very well-known, and others are still struggling to obtain a place in the users’ heart. The following is just a basic list with the links to download the applications.



Rockmelt-A nice web browser

I have been using this web browser since it was only a private beta. It is based in Google Chrome, so the visual interface seems pretty similar to Chrome and its basic options are mainly the same, but additionally the Rockmelt development team has integrated a couple of sidebars in the navigator. One of them is dedicated to show all your contacts in Facebook, with the possibility to start chatting in an independent bar that remains visible in the low part of the window, almost like a status bar, and the other is an application bar, where you can integrate some apps and feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other services and web pages. These sidebars are what make this web browser so appealing, because they are very useful to keep track of the updates in your social networks and also easy to hide in case you don’t want to be interrupted by notifications and messages.


Feedly-RSS Reader

Feedly is my favorite rss reader. Feedly is an application that can be integrated into web browsers. Its main function is to show your rss feeds in an organized way, Feedly helps you to categorize and separate your feeds and it shows them as in a virtual magazine. Some of its main characteristics are: A preview of the feed’s site without leaving the application’s main page, the possibility of marking a feed as read/unread, the categorization of feeds, and the option to share a feed with a wide selection of pages like Twitter, Facebook, google reader or tumbler.




Whenever I’m not using rockmelt to surf the web, I use TweetDeck to check my updates in facebook and twitter. TweetDeck has been bought by Twitter, so now the integration with twitter services is going to be improved. Furthermore, this application can connect you with your contacts in facebook, twitter, google buzz, Linkedin, Foursqueare, and some other social networks. I use TweetDeck as a complement in Chrome, but it has versions for Android cell phones, Iphone and even a desktop version that can be used without a navigator. My favorite feature of this application is the columns distribution. It’s very easy to keep track of what is happening on your timeline, your mentions and your DM’s having a separated column for each one.