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Happy New Year 2012!

Happy new year 2012 ! I hope that this new year will bring you joy and happiness . I hope to take this blog more seriously this year to continue practicing my English, or maybe I will start a new project this year 😄



A storm of swords

I’m actually reading the third book of A song of ice and fire: A Storm of Swords. It keeps the level of entertainment and amusement of the two previous books.
This book is enormous. The edition I bought has more than a thousand pages, and I haven’t even reached the middle of the book yet. I can’t write about the events in the first half of the book without spoiling it but I can say that it keeps the story flowing and the surprises keep coming with every chapter.


Testing WordPress for iPhone

I want to update my blog more frequently so I’m trying this tool. It seems to be very practical for posting short articles and sharing videos or links.


Nightwish – Storytime

Excellent video, great album. I’ll write about it in a couple of days. I just want to listen to the songs a couple of times more before giving my opinion, but my first impression is very positive.

Rock & Metal World Ed. 21

The new edition of the Rock & Metal World magazine is already available

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