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Trailer Game of Thrones PC Game

And talking about Game of Thrones. The trailer for the PC game has just been released.

(please don’t create a horrible game of a great novel and TV series, please!)

Windows 8

I’m testing the new Windows 8 Developer Preview. To download it go to:

I installed it yesterday and I’ve been playing with it for a couple of hours. Here are some of my impressions.

  • I’ve installed it over a Lenovo S10-3 with RAM of 2Gb, Intel Atom N455 Processor of 1.67 Ghz.
  • The installation time is very short, between 20-25 minutes to install the OS plus a few more minutes to set the configuration of the account.
  • Most of the default direct accesses in the Metro UI don’t work. Internet Explorer doesn’t open when I click on it.
  • Windows 8 is installed in a 30 Gb dedicated partition of my netbook.
  • It is installed in the partition labeled with the letter G:; however, this unit appears labeled with the letter C: when I’m inside windows 8, that implies that my other two partitions appear with a different unit letter.
  • Wireless, Bluetooth, brightness, volume, and the pad work perfectly. I only had to install the drivers for the Lenovo Energy Management and the mouse pad.
  • With only the desktop and the Metro UI running it uses approximately 625 Mb. of RAM
  • I’ve already downloaded Google Chrome which is my main web browser. It works normally  in Windows 8.
  • I DON’T like the new office 2007-style ribbon that has been added to the Windows Explorer.
  • I like the way the taskbar changes its color when the background wallpaper is changed.
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Rock & Metal World

Today I just want to recommend an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of the rock and metal culture: Rock & Metal World

The magazine is written in English and Spanish. The selection of topics is diverse. In its last number they present articles about Jason Becker, Draconian, Infinita Symphonia, Ecoterra, The new wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM), interviews with Carmen Elise Espenaes, Cassandra Syndrome and Kerstin Bischof, and a ranking of the top 100 best female vocalists.

With eighteen numbers until now, the magazine team is making a great effort to present interesting articles with information of bands and musicians from all around the world.

If you are interested in knowing more about the world of rock & metal give it a try. I’m sure you will enjoy the magazine.

Rock And Metal World 17

Rock And Metal World 17

Goodbye DCU, Welcome New 52

Yesterday was the day of the end of the DC Universe. In the most unexpected move ever in DC Comics history, they decided to make a re-launch of all its line of comics. Consequently, all the comics will start with a new numeration, in other words, this will be a month full of numbers one. At first look, it seems like a wise decision of DC Comics; just the sales of the Justice League #1 have reached almost 200,000 copies in pre-order. Obviously, we should wait to see the results of the next months before giving an opinion about the sales but it’s a good start.

I have just read the Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1. I haven’t read any reviews yet, but I personally liked both comics, Flashpoint #5 ends with an unexpected (for me) talk between Flash and Batman. That last page was very heart touching for me, maybe because I have been a Batman fan since always, and the object he received in the last page of this comic was the greatest gift he could EVER receive.

To summarize, I liked both comics that marked the end and the beginning of a new DC era, Justice League #1 could have been better, it feels a little empty at the end, but I hope it will get better in the next numbers.

The comics can be found at lanovenadimension comics.

Justice League #1

Justice League #1