My (Hi)story as a nintendoer :)

Today I entered to my room looking for an old magazine, I looked in my old magazine’s box and the first thing I saw was my collection of Club Nintendo magazines. Oh the old times, nowadays I read the news about video games and I watch press conferences about new releases on the internet. In some ways I miss the old times when you had to wait every month for the arrive of the magazine.

But I’m going too fast, I want to write about my history with Nintendo and the video games. Well, it all started with an old console, my dear Atari 2600.

Atari 2600

Atari 2600

I don’t remember the exact year my mom brought this to my house , maybe 1986, It was love at first sight. Its games were very simple, but everybody in my house wanted to play with that new machine, and Pacman was the favorite game of everybody.

A year later, a new console arrived to the town :). I discovered the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in my cousin’s friend’s house. He had an uncle who traveled frequently to the U.S so he brought him a NES for his birthday. I don’t need to explain that all the kids in the block were surprised and amazed by this new system, and the couple of games that were included with the system, Mario Bros and Duck Hunt.

Tu run tun tu run tum (sing it with the tune of Mario Bros). Mario Bros, the starter of my long history with Nintendo. At that time, It was almost impossible to believe that such a thing could be happening in your TV.

Mario Bros

The first screen of a life with Nintendo

You just turned on your console, put a game cartridge in it, and you started to control a little man who jumped over little brown enemies, smashed turtles and took mushrooms to grow.  We used to have fiery arguments to decide our order to play, but I have a question for you Nintendo. Why it was possible to pause the game using the second controller? Whyyyyyyy? Do you imagine how many times somebody pressed start in the exact moment when you were jumping over a turtle or over a hole, or maybe trying to jump over Bowser?. I got my own NES a couple of years later, when my mother decided that it was time to buy me one as a Christmas present.

Mario Bros (1,2,3), The Legend of Zelda (1,2), Lolo (1,2,3), Battletoads,  Ninja Gaiden, Captain Tsubasa (in japanese), Tiny Toons, Nightmare on Elm Street,Double Dragon, Mission Impossible, and Terminator 2 are only a few games I remember having played. You did it great with this console Nintendo.

To be continued…


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